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Guest Battle Report 2: Electric Boogaloo!

We’ve already had one guest battle report this week from Phiasco, but now here’s a second one, featuring a new contributor to the blog! But first, some quick mini-musings.

-Act IV of the Through the Breach worldwide event, A Stitch in Time, launched on the 17th. Will the Fated make it back to the present? And how much damage have they done during their trip to the past?
-Game Designer Lindsey is leaving Wyrd. That sucks, as she is lovely, brilliant, and nice. Go say goodbye to her, dang it!
-There was a small mix-up with the render for alternate Titania available from Wyrd’s Easter Sale. Turns out it has legs. Don’t worry, the one you ordered is this render, not the other one. And if you wanted the other one, they’ll give you a refund. Also, you’re weird.
-In case you missed it last week, I wrote the tactics article in this month’s Wyrd Chronicles. It was really cool to write for the company I’ve been supporting as a fan for the last several years, and hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to do so again in the future.

April Tournament at Gaming Underground

By John Fox
                So this past weekend I loaded up my models and drove an hour to Gaming Underground in Highpoint, NC. I have been experimenting with Hamelin and Leviticus lately and so my Arcanist enthusiasm was down quite a bit and I was heading into things feeling pretty undecided all the way up until the start of the first round. Never the less, all of my Arcanists are painted and I haven’t slogged through the 16 models I need to have a fully painted Hamelin crew. Also, I’ve set myself on a personal achievement of a tournament win with every Arcanist master this year and as I’ve only gotten a win in with Marcus so far, I had a lot of work to do.

Round 1:
Standard Deployment
Guard the Stash
Claim Jump, Accusation, Leave Your Mark, Mark for Death, and Set Up

My opponent was Andrew McGrady from Bristol, TN. He called Arcanists and I knew it was going to be an interesting match.  My list was:

Colette (Nothing Up My Sleeve, Arcane Reservoir)
Carlos Vasquez (Practiced Production, Stunt Double)
Joss (Warding Runes)
3 Oxfordian Mages with all the trimmings
Malifaux Raptor

My opponent ran:
Ramos (Arcane Reservoir, Field Generator)
Joss (Bleeding Edge Tech, Powered by Flame)
Brass Arachnid
Electric Creation
Howard (Imbued Energies)

Highlights from the game: We both took Leave Your Mark and Accuse. I knew I couldn’t beat Ramos in Guard or Accusation! with so many activations so I focused on Leave Your Mark. On turn 2, I paralyzed the soul stone miner. On turn 3 I seduced the marker with my Performer. Carlos Vasquez managed to take a full turn of Howard and survive, this was a theme that continued into game three. My opponent managed to blow up Carlos, denying my 3rd Leave Your Mark.  I managed a mage turn that knocked enemy Joss back to the edge of the board, effectively removing him from the game. On the last turn I didn’t have my Accusation! and my opponent had 2 spiders left with 1 AP each. Both spiders were engaged with Joss who was at 2 Wounds and had already gone. When he attacked my Joss my opponent was surprised when I cheated down so that his spider hit Joss. Joss got reactivate and regened 1 wound thanks to the nearby mage. I Accused his last remaining spider, who only had 1 AP and couldn’t kill joss thanks to the regen and hard to wound.  Final score was Colette 8- Ramos 6. It was a very fun game and it’s always great to play someone new. The game really made me feel much stronger about Colette in GG17 after her Prompt cuddle.

Round 2:
Standard Deployment
Claim Jump, Frame For Murder, Hunting Party, Eliminate the Leader, Recover Evidence.

My opponent in this round was my good friend Ray Flynn who I drove down to the tournament with.  We’d played together enough that we knew what was coming. 

I ran:
Rasputina (Shattered Heart, Cold Nights)
Snow storm
Arcane Emissary (Elemental Conflux)
December Acolyte
Silent One
Arcane Effigy

He ran:
Kirai (Unforgiven, Absorb Spirit, Spirit Beacon)
Archie (Doc Found a Squid Today, Hulking Leap)
Datsue Bae (Spirit Whispers, Wronged Spirits)
Phillip and the Nanny (Haunting Cries)
Flesh Construct
Night Terror

I took Frame on the Acolyte and Hunting Party. I deployed to take advantage of a tree near the extraction zone to block LOS to Kirai. My goal this game was to use terrain and ice pillars to keep him off the extraction point. It didn’t go so well.  

Game Highlights: I walled off his forces and got into position, making him have to come around the terrain to get to me. He moved Archie up and between Snow Storm and the Arcane Emissary. I killed him, scoring my opponent all his Frame Points. Archie killed my Acolyte as well, scoring my Frame. I got the first turn of extraction and a single Hunting Party. However, I placed Raspy very badly and when Ikirio came out she had Raspy pinned against a rock. Game went from being close to going downhill after that. Kirai 10- Rasputina 5.

Round 3
Corner Deployment
Claim Jump, Frame For Murder, Leave Your Mark, Search the Ruins, Last Stand
I was playing another good friend, Jim Oritz and as I wasn’t going to place with a loss I decided it was time to try for a Kaeris win and see what she can do with the GG17 scheme pools. I brought:

Kaeris (Grab and Drop, Arcane Reservoir, and Seize the Day)
Carlos Vasquez (Stunt Double, Practiced Production)
Mech Rider
Arcane Effigy
2 Performers
Firestarter (Imbued Energies)

My opponent took:
Colette (Cabaret Choreography, Nothing up my Sleeve)
Cassandra (Practiced Production)
Silent One
Howard (Imbued Energies)
Malifaux Raptor

Our board was a crazy mix of severe water terrain and buildings on raised walkways providing a lot of cover and hard to get through terrain. This game was a bit of fun for me as I have played Jim a lot and I knew he had Leave Your Mark and Frame on Howard. I took Search the Ruins to bluff frame and Leave Your Mark. Highlights of the game: Carlos tanked another Howard turn and didn’t die until turn 3 with a combined effort of Cassandra and Howard. Howard died to burning, denying Jim 3 points for Frame. Mech Rider scored 3 points pretty much by himself for Search the Ruins. I left a performer in the back that denied a few leave your mark points. Final score Kaeris 8- Colette 4. 

I ended up coming in 6th place and got a foil Kaeris card (the best looking card) as a prize. I got 2 masters closer to my achievement for the year and got a recharge on how I feel about the Arcanist faction as a whole in GG2017. As always it was an excellent tournament put on by one of our fantastic NC Henches.  


Lastly, don’t forget that my tournament, NRVFaux, is this weekend. I’ve posted the scenarios for each of the three rounds here. Watch out for Round 3, it’s kind of a bitch. I hope I’ll see some of you there. And, when you’re registering for the event (registration starts at 9AM), say “Malifaux Musings” to me to get an extra raffle ticket for a drawing for fabulous prize(s) at the end. 

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