Sunday, August 26, 2018

From here to there: Deciding what to play on the way to M3E.

            So, the first bit of news is that I’ve finished my move to Iowa. It’s been kind of a long year, looking for a new job and helping my wife finish out her nursing school, but I’m glad to report that things will hopefully be settling down in the near future. With luck, that should also result in content from Malifaux Musings being a little bit more regular in the future. Maybe I shouldn't overpromise, but look for things to get a bit more involved soon. 

            Additionally, the move means I’ve changed regions for the upcoming Malifaux competitive season from the Capital Conference to the Central Conference. To be honest, I never played enough in VA for that to make much difference or to compare the two to each other, but what it will really mean is not having to drive four hours every time I want to participate in a tournament, which is a welcome change to be sure. My local area doesn’t have an active play group at the moment, but Des Moines has been going strong for a while now. As a matter of fact, I’m planning on attending the Central Faux Tour Kickoff tournament in a couple of weeks. Moreover, this gives me the opportunity to meet up with some of the folks from my original Malifaux Meta in Lincoln, NE from time to time as well. They’re some good folks, and I’ve missed them since I moved away. Admittedly, 6 hours is a bit of a long haul just to say hi, but I’m sure we’ll run into each other at the events from time to time.

            This leads into my current quandry, however. M3E is on the way, and my faction selection options are going to change pretty dramatically when it does. For almost all of M2E I’ve been a Neverborn player. I floated into Guild and Ten Thunders from time to time, but the Malifaux natives have more or less always been my home. The crews I played most often during that period were NB Lynch, Lillith, and Collodi. And, as you likely know, those three are either leaving the faction or going into the Dead Man’s Hand whenever that happens.

Which sucks.

So I’m in a crossroads at the moment. What faction should I play for this last stretch of time in M2E, heading into the new edition? Probably the most competitively sound choice would be to stay with the Neverborn for the time being. I know them best. It could even be a sort of going away party. The combination of crews I have overlap their strengths in a way that allows them to complement and cover for most different types of scheme/strat combos. And, there will still be some crews that interest me left in faction in M3E, at least thematically. I have a Nekima, of course. I like Pandora and Zoraida. Dreamer's always interested me, though that's as far as I've ever gotten with him.  And I was a big advocate for Titania before she went and broke my faction apart with her civil war. Sigh. I’m not gonna lie. It’s a little tough to get excited for them at the moment. Maybe it’s just fatigue from playing them for so long, or maybe it’s looking ahead and feeling some serious #notmyNeverborn vibes. The fact that I’m writing this is probably a good indication that it’s time for a change.

Do I go back to my first love, the Guild? The very first crew I ever bought and, indeed, the crew that brought me into Malifaux initially was Perdita. I had spent a week recovering from tonsillectomy as an adult (I don’t recommend it, btw) and spent a large part of that time reading The Dark Tower series. The Gunslinger definitely played a role in drawing me to the Ortegas, and I’ve had a soft spot for them ever since. Additionally, I have a full Hoffman crew, including an alternate Joss and Howard to include some of the new Arcanist flavor. I like the aesthetic of that crew quite a bit. I own Lady Justice and have a painted Sonnia crew. I’ve always wanted to get Lucius, and the fact that his M2E box set is going to be the best deal in Malifaux once M3E drops, since it contains two masters, makes picking one of those up pretty tempting. That plus various other Guild odds and ends mean I could play that faction pretty comfortably.

Or do I follow Lynch (my favorite crew) to the Ten Thunders? Another crew I liked a lot was Lucas McCabe, who has apparently been fired by the Guild and now works exclusively for the Thunders. And I have a Misaki crew, plus a few additional odds and ends from the faction, like a Ten Thunders Brother, Terracotta Warrior, and Monk of the High River. But that’s literally it. I don’t own half of the masters in the Thunders and am missing a lot of the key pieces people utilize, like Yasunori or the Mysterious Emissary. Of course, the new job also means I’ll have greater ability to actually get these things (hurray for no more paycheck to paycheck), but it also means more painting time before I’m fully up to speed, which is problematic for the remaining M2E period.

I’m inclined to go with the follow Lynch plan for the time period and just say damn the consequences. I'm playing him in the Malifaux Vassal league that's running right now, so I can get an idea of how I feel about him in faction. Plus, from everything we understand of M3E, having a full faction may be less important in the grand scheme of things, as the crew theme and synergy are being much more emphasized. The Honeypot crew have appealed to me from the first time I saw them, so that’s my thought for now. That, and Cheating Bastard Lynch is a lot of fun, so I can honestly see myself playing a lot of that during the time remaining. Whether that is for the old bosses in the Neverborn or the new bosses in the Ten Thunders remains to be seen. Maybe you have some ideas? There's a good chance that whatever I end up picking will get a lot of coverage on Malifaux Musings, so if you want to see me write about something in particular that'd be a good idea. Feel free to comment in the various places, and I’ll take them under advisement.

Oh, and did you see my article in the most recent Wyrd Chronicles? It's called Soulstones in the Rough, and It deals with some common themes to this post. More specifically, it pulls out some models that have been relegated to the M2E dust bins of some people and makes an argument for getting them back out and on the table, as well as discussing some of the changes coming to those models (and their theme crews) in M3E. A lot of that info is currently unavailable outside of the alpha/beta forums. You should go check it out.

Later, Wyrdos.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Gencon M3E Rumor Mill

               This last weekend was Gencon. The Wyrd booth had a set-up of M3E models and rule cards. Our undercover agent, the Sensei of the Wandering River Dojo, Phiasco scored some pictures of these cards. I know a number of people were disappointed that demos were not being run, but at least some information was available if you spoke to the game designers about it and/or took a look at the new cards/models. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

              These are rules reference cards, explaining the generic actions, cover and concealment rules, and accuracy and damage modifiers. There's a lot of stuff up there, and you can read, so I'm not going to go into it.

              Here are some scheme and strategy cards. All of the strategies have elevating difficulty in their scoring, meaning they get harder to score as you pick up points in them. For example, with Turf War, you score at the end of the turn if you have more friendly Turf markers than VP you've scored from the strat. IE, you have to keep flipping more and more markers as the game goes on to keep scoring. That's pretty smart. Schemes also cap out at 2 VP each, meaning games total 8 VP instead of 10, and the strategy becomes possibly more important to the overall game plan than in M2E, since it represents a greater proportion of the final score. I'm told that most of the schemes are easier to score one point but pretty difficult to score 2, which is also smart. 

              This is Rasputina's crew. The new sculpts of the models look pretty cool. Again, you can read. Take a look. 

              And here's Marcus. He gets super young, which is weird. I like old dreadlocks Marcus more, but w/e. Also, underneath are the Mutation upgrades which we've heard of, that give the Chimeras a suite of customizable abilities that Marcus can swap around among the members of his crew. I like it. Very McCabe-y. 

              In addition to these screenshots, those of us who weren’t lucky enough to attend in person were still able to get information by trolling through A Wyrd Place and Malifaux’s sewers (literally). The same Larry Mottola who would later go on to win the Gencon championship talked to the folks at Wyrd and managed to acquire the following rumors. I make no comment as to their accuracy, and as per usual all of this stuff is in Alpha/Beta, so keep in mind that things could change. 

All initiative can be cheated.

You get pass tokens based on difference in activations and it recounts each turn.

All models outside of the Keyword get the old merc tax penalty of +1ss.

Damage scaled down.

Engagement ranges scaled down.

Charges are 1 AP Walks plus a single attack. No more than 1 charge a turn, barring special rules like Cojo.

First Master hire is free, others pay the cost. Totems are free with their Master. No generic totems.

Each faction gets Versatile models, like the Effigy, Emissary and Riders, which don’t pay the tax with any Master.

              Peons are no longer a thing. All non minions are rare 1 unless specified otherwise

Also, Mason put up a pic with a size comparison of M3E stat cards compared to M2E. 

Some people are mad about how big they are, proving yet again that people will complain about literally anything.

So, what do you think of what we've seen of M3E so far?