Thursday, October 26, 2017

Dia de los Malifauxs

When I was putting together my monthly rotation of post subjects, it seemed natural to throw in a regular hobby article. After all, getting models painted up and looking sharp is a part of this game that doesn't always get the credit it deserves. Plus, one of the few advantages the blog has over the numerous Malifaux podcasts is that this is a visual medium. I can put pretty pictures on here! And if it really took off, maybe it would even kick me in the butt and get me to start working on my stuff. 

Of course, then I remembered I have a family, a job, and lots of other things that take away my hobby time.

So I was in a bind. Do I need to alter the schedule? Drop the hobby post? I didn't want to, because it was a good idea regardless of my lack of painting time. And then this last week an idea occurred to me: I could use the blog to highlight some of the cool Malifaux models that other hobbyists have done! I see them all the time on A Wyrd Place, Twitter, and of course the painting forums on the Malifaux site. Why don't I email people and see if they want to show their work off? 

So this is my first efforts in that direction. For the probably 0 of you paying attention, I've decided to strip and repaint my Collodi crew. The puppet master and his marionnettes have had their old, bad paint jobs knocked off and are now waiting with several other models to get primed and painted. Also, I found an attachment for my dremel to use ultra-fine drill bits, so I pinned and touched up my Arcane Effigy. He looks like this: 

I know, still needs work. Anyways, let's look at some pretty stuff, beginning with our featured artist, Haydn Dean, and his Dia de los Muertos Ortega crew. 

From the first time I saw pictures of this crew, I was in love. It combines all of the best features of this hobby: a cool and creative theme, significant conversions/greenstuff sculpting, and a beautiful paint job. Plus it brings some attention to a holiday that is huge in the latin american community but is maybe just starting to reach the mainstream attention it deserves, the festival of the dead. All of the models from Perdita's boxed set are featured here, along with a converted Abuela Ortega and an Executioner. I'll just put the models up and let them speak for themselves. 

Pretty cool stuff, eh? If you want to see more of Haydn's work, check out his website at or follow him on Instagram at @haychdee. He's making a pretty savage looking Marcus crew right now that emphasizes the more bestial, horrific side of the Arcanist master, but here's hoping we see some Domadores added to the Ortega crew at some point in the future. 

Meanwhile, here are a handful of other models/dioramas that caught my eye this week. The first is a diorama by Paul Buntman from the Iron Painter rd. 2 voting, which is full of cool stuff and can be checked out here. 

Next is one of the most Halloween appropriate models I've ever seen, a Carver with some corn stalks from railroad hobby sets by Cade Zenner. 

With The Walking Dead starting back up last Sunday, it only seems right to include a TWD themed version of Asura Rotten by Bakti Victor. 

And, finally, I'm sure I'm not the only one eager to see a painted up version of Hungering Darkness's new alternate model. Well Brian Schlottman provided one! 

If you have work you'd like to see featured in future hobby articles, please feel free to drop us a line. We have a Malifaux Musings facebook page and twitter account (@MalifauxMusings) where you can contact us. Also, if you liked this post or any of our other content, consider pledging $1 a month to tohelp us grow and expand. Thanks to our new Patreon supporters, Craig Bishell and Moritz Hampel, who are entered into the drawing for this month's raffle. 

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