Saturday, September 16, 2017

Coordinated Heist - Parker Barrows vs Collodi game 1

Greetings all.  So Adam and I recently finished our first game with our project masters (game 1 of 30 for me.  Uncertain if Adam has a number of games to play goal).  Without further ado... the quick and dirty rundown.

I took :
Parker w/ Coordinated Heist, Black Market, and Human Sheild
Mad Dog w/ Crate of Dynamite, and Lucky Poncho
Wokou Raider x 2
Doc Mitchel


Collodi w/ Fated, Strum the Treads, Breath Life
Emissary w/ Mysterious Conflux
Shadow, Brutal, Arcane, lucky effigies
Stitched x 2
Marionettes x 3

Standard Extraction
Claim Jump
Leave your Mark
Mark for Death
Eliminate the Leadership
Last Stand

Crew Selection limited to models owned (my Parker box was on order).

 I looked at the map but not close enough to realizes Hans is garbage on this map  My thinking is when I play into neverborn I like to have at least 1 ruthless model to mitigate Doppleganger and/or Barberos.  I picked up the Wokou to support a Misaki build I have yet to use mostly because I need to get the models painted.  So I threw a couple in to see what I thought.  Librarian because outcast.  Wasn't sold on the Bandidos because the look too squishy but with Run and Gun would have been gold on this map (I can picture Adam vs my Tau crisis suits and a little PTSD). So I threw Doc and Mad Dog in to round out the crew.

If I had it to play again I might have swapped a Wokou for a 4th qualifying model on Last Stand.  But considering Extraction was the goal I don't think a Parker crew is suited to do both.  And due to Adams list I was playing vs 4 schemes.  So basically you can look at this map as 3 parallel hallways.  I sent Doc and a Wokou off to my left, ignored the right and sent the bulk of my crew up the center.  My plan was to get the Wokou in the middle into melee to eat up cards or tie up model but she run into the pair of stitched and melted.  But that let mad dog slide into position to unload with his shotgun and blow up the cover at the entrance to the middle chamber.  I knew once the Wokou on the side started scoring Mark for me he would have to send something to deal with it or seed me 3 points and doc was over there to back her up and help score the strat for the one turn he could squeak in range.  He sent the shadow down my right side and his Emissary came to deal with my Wokou.  I knew the emissary could reach claim jump by turn 3 and if he did Doc could walk over.  Shadow was way out of range to hit Mark by turn 3 but he could have done part of claim if he could carve a spot in the main chamber.  So I ignored the shadow since I would have time to adjust after Adam scored a point with him.  He turned out to be a decoy to attempt to draw one of my more expensive models to go deal with.  Once I got into the Marionettes I was able to lock up 3 for Mark for death.  In return he got my Librarian with a mark.  Hans did slightly more than nothing but ended up being clutch for the 1.5 rounds of combat he got in.  And the Wokou on the flank got 2 Marks left via 0 action kick ball.  Not being able to cheat Ml vs defense works almost like agile. I was able to disengage, drop a scheme, and 0 punt it but the Emissary blocked the third one by walking around me.  And when the smoke cleared in the center Adam got 4 for the Strat to my 2 leaving the final 7-5 for me.

Things that worked.  I like the Wokou but I'm not certain 2 or more is worth it.  I will put them on the table some more before I give them a definitive rating.  Mad Dog was the MVP but it probably had more to do with the match up vs what he brings to the table.  Also this probably goes without saying Librarians are good.

Things that didn't.  I flipped 0 upgrades.  Didn't use 2 upgrades that I brought but I see a synergy with the Wokou and Dynamite that I need to look into.  Hans plus this map should have been complete fail.  Things that work in Thunders don't work for outcast.

I picked up some Ronin.  I own most of the outcast Mercs.  I need to learn what outcasts do better than other factions.  Maybe the leaders just tend to do more on average compared to Thunders so the support models tend to feel weaker by comparison.  If that is the case Parker will be an uphill battle. I think the wave 5 models will fit my play style a little better but they are down the line.  Crew has since been acquired, assembled, and primed.

Until next time...

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