Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A sincere apology and where have all the hills gone?

Hello all.  It's Jon aka Phiasco (my new asshole persona).  So I need to go on the record and publicly offer my sincerest apology to Kevin (my last opponent from Cmon).  Just because I don't like a rule and chose to ignore it doesn't give me the grounds to assume everyone needs to play the game the same way.  Every comment I made about his character or assumptions I made of cheating was completely unfounded and here I am with egg on my face.

So how did this even happen in the first place?  Let me go back to when I first heard about vantage point rules.  Coming into 2e I didn't play a lot of games year one.  I had my feet in a few other long running games, I was working crazy hours, and didn't really have a ton of time for gaming in general.  I did however listen to many different podcasts.  If I knew the one that was talking about how vantage point worked I would link it here.  (maybe someone knows what I am referring to and can help me out).  Anyway I will paraphrase the talking points if I remember them correctly.

- the vantage point rule ignores basic math and geometry.  As someone who passed a quantum physics class with an A, this bothers me almost to my core.  I think the example was imagine Hans standing on the ground shooting at something 3 inches deep on height 2 vantage point terrain 30 inches away (33 inches total).  Assuming the bullet leaves Hans at height 1.8, then it follows 99% of the model is visible but not targetable.  Hans can see the target from the waist up 5 tables away. And if you prescribe to rules as written and say the bullet leaves from his foot Hans can still see 80% of the model and not be able to target it.  I can find where Justin Gibbs (2e game designer) was interviewed and says the thing he hates the most about the game is vantage point and I can link it in the comments if requested.  For these reasons I have chosen to never use the vantage rules and they faded from memory.  It still doesn't give me the right to make someone not use those rules.

I am fairly certain this did not come into play in the game in question as the vantage height was 3 and I was using Lynch with his range 8"

==> But Phiasco... rules as written blah blah blah... why are you crying like a bitch?

If it is your perception that I'm crying and complaining where there is no room for argument then I really don't know why you are here.  You hate me and nothing I can do at this point will change your opinion of me.  Most of what I did deserves that but if you got this far and are more open minded then you come off as (speaking to my hecklers of course) please allow me to present the other half of vantage rules that I feel may have been ignored.

-  If you are shooting down from vantage, you still measure from the closest edge of one base to the closest edge of the target base and if 2.01" (for a ht 2 model) of that measurement is up on the vantage the shot is blocked.  You don't get to ignore the entire edge because you're within 2" of it.

I want to make it perfectly clear I was beat fair and square but at the same time following this rule was never made clear for any of the shots taken.  To be completely fair I didn't even know we were using vantage point until turn 3.  I'm certain we are not the first to clash on vantage and we won't be the last.  It is no excuse for my behavior, I'm sorry.  I intend to lay this to rest and move on.  I understand your reservations on me continuing to blog.  I have learned I need to go to the source and iron out what happened if there is any room for misinterpretation.  I agree the community is more important than my blog.  So if I continue to treat the community in an unfair manner by all means let me know.

The other side of the coin there are problem players in every game and I am bound to run into one eventually.  If I fail to work it out with the player I will work with the TO (or I may have to go to the TO first depending on circumstance).  But you can be sure I will not post another blog on raw emotion.

Also I realise my social media presence is lacking and I am very slow to respond.  I will work on it but I make no promises as I tend to be busy and sometimes have no say in when I can get online while traveling.

==> But Phiasco... you are still an asshole and you suck.

Thank you for the compliments.  A I agree and B very well the ladies say.

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