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How To Play the Marshal Keyword Crew- by guest bloggist Paul Harden

My First Round of Museon Con, I was paired with a Lady Justice crew and, outside of stuffing lady Justice to the gills with Brilliance for now purpose, got my ass handed to me. Lady Justice being a beast was not a huge surprise, but there were other members of the crew that took me buy surprise. So, I reached out to the crew’s player (Paul Harden) to put together a brief look at his crew, how it works, and what players can expect when they bring it to the tabletop (or sit across from it.)

How Does the Crew Work?

The Marshals play as a semi tanky crew with average speed and decent damage. All
models (besides the totem) have become harder to kill; Hard to Wound and Unnatural Vigor
(After killing an enemy model, this model heals 2). They can best be utilized for kill centered
Strats and Scheme, though have some models that can move if needed for schemey games.

How Has the Crew/Keyword Changed Since M2E?

There are some minor changes to the models with the edition change, but for the most
part fit a similar role from 2e to 3e. They like to kill models and try to stop summoners and
corpse/scrap marker abilities.

Who are the Key Pieces in the Keyword, and What Are Their Roles?

I believe the Key Pieces are the non-minion/non-totem models.

Lady Justice: She is still the same beater she was in 2e with the place upgrade. My best
description of her is a target for your opponent. She can heal with the keyword ability and
Juggernaut. Additionally, this edition she gained hard to wound, which is fantastic as everyone
focuses. She did get a reduction in her attack stat, though she can potentially make 7 attacks in
one turn.

The Lone Marshal: I feel this model is very similar to 2e. He has Run and Gun, a 14”
projectile attack, With Mv 7. Realistically there is very little reason why this model should not
have at least one attack a turn, every turn including turn 1. Best use is to inflict a little damage
while setting up and running schemes (e.g. charge and shoot for first action, then scheme,
move, shoot for second action). Also, he is Ruthless, giving a distinct advantage over Terrifying
and Manipulative models. [Editor’s note: this model really took me by surprise, and from the scuttlebutt I could hear other people as well. That range paired with Run and Gun is killer.]

The Jury: Great anti summon/buried model. Her ability Exorcism ritual hurts all models
with a summoned upgrade and all buried models (two separate damage instances if you can get
it off). Her range attack does 2/4/5 damage, but the real ability comes with the triggers, such
as Into Dust, that is an assassinate trigger if the model being attacked is undead. Fortunately,
several models in the Keyword can give the enemy models the Undead Characteristic
including the Jury. Last, she has a 6 stat obey with the mask built in, making her obey nearly as
good as Zoraida.

The Judge: This lady does not have the same feel as the 2e Judge. She can no longer
pull models towards herself or tell friendly non-master models to make an attack. She can however Gain soulstones if she kills a model with her melee attack (trigger built in) and draw up
to five cards (at a risk to herself). So essentially a beater with card draw

Rate the Keyword on the Following Criteria from 0-14 (feel free to comment if necessary)

 -Killing Power

12-14 (Severe). All depends on how you build the crew, but for the most part this is where this
Keyword excels.


10ish area (Moderate). Again, the two abilities shared between this crew are amazing at keeping
them around. And if you bring a Domador into the crew they could heal between 1 and 4
damage per model hit with decay (Blast and RJ).


5-7. Again, depends on how you use Lady J and the Lone Marshall, both can move
around the board fairly easily, though if you engage the Lone Marshall he will more than likely
not be doing interact actions that turn.

-Card Manipulation

4-6. Several models have the Triger Drain Magic to card cycle, or Maim to make the
opponent pitch cards, and two models can card draw (The Judge and The Scales of Justice).

Which Keyword Models (Outside of the Master) Are The MVP and the LVP?

MVP: The Lone Marshall, nearly every game I have played with him, he has angered my
opponents at what he can do (21-28 in threat range tends to do that).
LVP: The Scales is kinda blah, but it is free if Lady J is the master, so next I would say are
Death Marshals. They are now undead so are unaffected by Recruiters Grim Recruitment
ability, have a low Df of 4, but at least have Hard to Kill along with Hard to Wound.

Are There Versatile Models and/or Upgrades You Take Routinely?

To increase the killiness of the minions both Expert Marksman and No prisoners can aid most Marshal minions (though Exorcists already ignore Friendly fire so more than likely enjoy no prisoners more).

As far as versatile models to bring in, To make a crew even faster/more killy the Pale
Rider is amazing. To begin with he can essentially move size 2 and below models 6 inches or
More (Editor’s Note: Via Ride With Me, which is one of the greatest abilities in M3E), has a decent attack, and the trigger to make everyone in range take the charge action can be devastating.

The effigy’s aura can help keep close models alive longer with successful attacks, and
gives another bury into the crew. And as at a same degree the Emissary follows with a very nice

As a last note, even though they are not versatile, I do see that several people may take
Austringers with the Expert Marksman upgrade with the tax, as that could potentially be a
model with three attacks a turn.

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